What is Med+Safe?

Med+Safe was designed in Australia by Australian clinicians and is targeted at improving fundamental skills in medication calculations and rights of administration to improve medication safety outcomes at an individual and organisational level.

Med+Safe is ideal for:
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Med+SafeAustralia's leading e-Learning solution in medication safety
Med+SafeMapped to NSQHS Standard 4 and compliant with latest guidelines
Med+SafeReport on organisational and user compliance in seconds
Med+SafeSimulates real ward workflow reinforcing correct practice
Med+SafeUsed by tens of thousands of EN/RNs Australia wide
Med+SafeEndorsed by the ACN and offering over 30 CPD hours!

Australian MadeProduced in and for
Australian Clinical
Mapped to the Australian National Standard 4Mapped to NSQHS
(Medication Safety)
Standard 4
Endorsed by the ACNEndorsed by the ACN
(over 30 CPD hours)

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